UNTAINTED Hand Sanitiser Gel is ready to snap and use. A convenient, compact and accessible way to sanitise your hands on-the-go.
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Easy to use 3 step application

Grab it

Fold it

Squeeze it

5 reasons why to use Untainted

  • EASY – Opens with ease using one hand. It is suitable for all conditions and it’s versatile.
  • RESISTANT – Can be carried individually in your pocket or handbag, without the risk of leakage or being crushed.
  • CHEAP & ECOLOGICAL – Has a lower production cost than other single dose packaging, and dispenses effortlessly without wasting the contents.
  • SMART – Ergonomically designed, it’s versatile, stylish and customisable to your needs.
  • HYGIENIC & CLEAN – Dispenses the contents accurately, with no risk of spills or contamination of the product.

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